San Francisco Teleservice Needs Help. Really.

Teleservice volunteers answer the phone when Central Office is closed. Incoming calls are often the first point of contact a still suffering alcoholic has with A.A.

Two Coordinator position have been open for months and we also need Phone Shift Volunteers (8).

A coordinator’s responsibilities include sending weekly reminder emails to volunteers and coordinate substitutes when needed.

Phone shift volunteers take calls during a shift that lasts from 4 to 8 hours, once a month, from your own phone.

How do you get started? Attend an orientation on the third Monday (next, Aug. 21) at Central Office at 6pm for 30 minutes.

Questions? Email

Become a PI/CPC Speaker

Public Information and Cooperation with the Professional Community(PI/CPC) is looking for speakers. PI/CPC provides literature and speakers for members of the professional community who work with alcoholics and members of the public who are interested in A.A. Workshops are help each month on the 2nd Monday at 6pm at Central Office. For more info email:

serving San Francisco and Marin Counties